Colonial Shutters

Hurricane Impact Rated Colonial Shutters for Storm Protection in Fort Myers FL

Why Choose B&C Colonial Shutters?

B&C Shutters and Awnings will manufacture and install the best Colonial and Bahama shutters available in the industry. Specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum Bahama and Colonial shutters, both of hurricane rated and decorative styles with a focus on product design, consistency of product quality and overall product superiority.

Strongest Colonial Shutter by Design

A welded frame molds weak floppy frame into a strong, smooth finished, seamless and extremely durable shutter with a strength that cannot be duplicated with mechanical fastners. Screws and rivits are much harder than aluminum and before long the buffeting of the wind in storm conditions enlarges the screw or rivit holes and the shutter begins to come apart. A unified welded frame is the only foundation upon which a true elite, state of the art product can be based.

Corrosion or pitting of the aluminum frame is the greatest factor in contributing to the unsightliness, then weakening and finally the failure of aluminum shutters. A seamless frame eliminates the joints where the components are joined and the crevasses where the components overlap one another. The joints and overlaps in the corners of the shutters cannot be powder-coated and are a prime enabler for moisture and salt deposits to collect and begin the pitting of the corners. A welded frame also eliminates screws which are accelerants in the corrosion process. Screws, even stainless screws, create electrolysis when in contact with aluminum. When salt spray from coastal exposure is added to the two dissimilar metals, the corrosion process is further accelerated. Welded frames are far superior!

Powder Coated to Survive the Elements!

Powder paint, like liquid paint, is formulated for many different purposes. Shutters are painted with a powder formulated for the outdoors, with properties to withstand UV rays, salt deterioration and having good adhesion to aluminum. The quality of the powder depends on how well it withstands these elements. The more durable powders are tested and must pass corrosion resistance and adhesion tests in accordance with an AAMA specification. These powders are called “super durable”, although some “super durable” powders are not tested. All of our shutters are painted with a minimum grade of “super durable” powder with the majority of the colors meeting AAMA specification 2604. For enhanced adhesion and color retention a primer coat of epoxy is highly recommended especially for coastal exposures where corrosion protection is a high priority.