Roll Shutters

Roll-Down Shutters for Hurricane Protection in Fort Myers and SW FL

Why Choose B&C Roll Up Shutters?

B&C Shutters and Awnings is proud to be an authorized Roller Star USA manufacturer. As such, we are able to offer the best roll up shutters in the industry. These roll shutters are available with and without end retention to meet a wide variety of prices and applications. We offer both designs which are approved for use not only by Florida Building Code but Miami/Dade as well.

Peace of Mind

Protection, peace and quiet, a lower utility bill – with our premium brand RE Series roll up shutters you can rest at ease with the touch of a button. Every RE and Ultra ER shutter is built to our strict specifications and design tolerances that are the cumulation of over 25 years of experience. Proof of the RE Series outstanding value will reveal itself with the test of time.